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Montana Insurance Managers LLC (MIM) is a collaborative network of seasoned independent insurance agencies strategically positioned across the expansive landscape of Montana. Unified by a commitment to excellence, MIM leverages the collective proficiency and diverse skill sets of its member agencies to fortify their capacity in delivering top-tier products and accessing premier markets for our partners and clientele. By fostering this synergistic alliance, MIM empowers each agency to elevate service standards, meet evolving client demands, and drive sustainable growth, thereby maximizing returns for both Montana Insurance Managers LLC and its esteemed member agencies.

What Our Clients Say Testimonial Review Stars

“Being a member of MIM also helped perpetuate this agency. As a young agent first starting out, MIM provided a great support system. Being able to reach out to more experienced members assisted me through many situations and still does to this day!” Chad Thompson, Thompson/Collins & Associates, Inc.


“I had the opportunity to join MIM after purchasing 5 agencies from my father, who were long time members of MIM dating back to the 1980’s. I recognized the added value MIM brought to our offices. The knowledge and experience each principle and their staff bring from each region has...

-Added Value

“The greatest most beneficial part of MIM has been the friendships I have gained since joining. I never feel alone anymore. I don’t have to fight the daily battles myself. This is much more than what many refer to as a “cluster”. I feel like this is a family. The...

-More Like a Family

As one of the original agencies that started MIM in 1984 we were looking for the benefits that as smaller agencies we were unable to obtain ourselves. Collectively our volumes allowed us to obtain contingencies we would not otherwise have obtained and those same combined volumes allowed us to obtain...

-Value of MIM

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