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About Us

Montana Insurance Managers (MIM) was founded in 1984 to address the challenges faced by independent insurance agencies in securing appointments to write workers’ compensation insurance. At that time, access to Work Comp Carriers was limited, particularly for smaller agents, due to the preference of larger agencies by available markets. By pooling the production of multiple offices, MIM gained the purchasing power necessary to satisfy carriers.

Since its inception, MIM has evolved into a closely connected network of independent insurance agencies in Montana, boasting appointments with top-tier carriers. These carriers recognize the combined premium potential and effective loss ratio management of the MIM group.

MIM acknowledges the distinct insurance hurdles encountered by agents in Montana, and its member agencies specialize in various areas including Personal Lines, Commercial, Work Comp, and Farm and Agriculture-related risks.

The strength and diversity of MIM’s member agencies, combined with their unity, are considered the foundation of MIM’s success. Today, leading companies in the insurance industry offer opportunities for business growth through MIM, acknowledging the potential in these agencies, their professional alignment, numerical strength, and the distribution of risk across the state.

MIM is dedicated to nurturing long-term growth relationships with top-tier companies and member agencies by leveraging its negotiating power and expertise to address the unique challenges of the Montana insurance market.